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Lake Minnetonka Regional Park is the perfect place for families to enjoy a Saturday afternoon. Bring a picnic and enjoy a lakeside lunch. Learn more...

Noerenberg Gardens

Situated on the north shore of Lake Minnetonka’s majestic Crystal Bay, Noerenberg Memorial Gardens offers a tranquil retreat to the quiet elegance and grace of days gone by. A favorite subject for local artists and an idyllic location for weddings. Learn more...


Letters to the Editor

Lake Minnetonka Online,

I must compliment you on your great web site, I love the look and the information! I am in the process of redoing our web site now, it's a fun project. I am doing (it) in my spare time, which I have been working on for quite some time...I would like to put a link back to your site to use your site as a reference point, since you have such great information!

Rachel D.
The City of Orono




I live on Lake Minnetonka and found out more about the lake from your website in 30 minutes than I've been able to learn in 18 years of living here.

Thanks for providing this great service.

Sandy K.



Dear Skipper,

I am setting a novel in Minnesota and would like some information about something that may or may not exist. When I lived in Minnetonka, twenty-plus years ago, I always noticed a truck left on the melting ice in the spring. People told me that there was a contest to see who could predict when it would sink. Is this true? If so, do you have any details I could use in my book?

Your web site is extremely good. I enjoyed poking around on it, and especially liked seeing all the ice-out dates and the history section. All fascinating! We lived in Minnesota, around Minnetonka Mills, for three and a half short years, but now are in Texas. I would go back to MN in a heartbeat if I could.

Judy Egner

- The Skipper replied by e-mail that the truck method of determining ice-out dates hasn't been used for some time because of new EPA rules.



Dear LMO,

Thank you, thank you , thank you!...Thank you again for the site.

Sybil Landreth



Dear Lake Minnetonka Online,

Great job on the web site whoever is writing it! It is the first truly usefuland entertaining site I've come across in two years. Keep it up!

Mary Weingart

-We promise we didn't write this.



Dear Skipper,

My research project is for my 10th grade social studies class. Our assignment is to study a place and report our findings. We look for history, people in the area, how is it unique, problems in the place and things like that. I choose to study Lake Minnetonka because of it's uniquness and intresting history. I would appreciate any of your experiences/inputon the lake as well.

Thank you.

Peri Periakaruppan (Jon)

P.S. Your web page on L.M.is really informative and fun to read!E-mail reply.

-The Skipper replied to Jon via e-mail.




I was so happy to find your site on the web and being from Excelsior it was great to see pictures of the lake again. After spending my first 19 yrs growing up in Excelsior I now live in Scottsdale, Az. I do visit Excelsior in the Fall but so enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing all the local news. Keep up the great work and i'll be checking back often.   


-Thanks, Ginny! We'll keep a look-out for you.


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Lake Minnetonka: An area steeped in history

From the days when Dakota Indians inhabited her shores, leaving behind ancient burial mounds which are still visible today, to the era of the steam locomotive and the paddle wheeler when grand Victorian hotels and amusement parks stood proudly on her banks, there has always been something alluring about this enchanted body of water. Learn more...