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Favorites Lake Minnetonka Regional Park

Lake Minnetonka Regional Park is the perfect place for families to enjoy a Saturday afternoon. Bring a picnic and enjoy a lakeside lunch. Learn more...

Noerenberg Gardens

Situated on the north shore of Lake Minnetonka’s majestic Crystal Bay, Noerenberg Memorial Gardens offers a tranquil retreat to the quiet elegance and grace of days gone by. A favorite subject for local artists and an idyllic location for weddings. Learn more...


Carson's Bay in Deephaven.


Deephaven was settled in the mid-1850's and was originally part of Minnetonka. It never became a major tourist destination to rival Wayzata or Excelsior, but it had it's quiet charm. Wealthy industrialists were attracted to it's rustic beauty and made their homes along the shore.

In 1879, the Hotel Saint Louis was built on the bluffs overlooking Saint Louis Bay. This luxurious Victorian getaway, perched high above the lake, offered a sweeping panorama with an unobstructed view of Ice Boat Club Island, Yacht Club Island, and Big Island. A secluded beach was added nearby, and soon, charming waterfront cottages dotted the shoreline and wooded hills.

The hotel is gone, but many of the cottages and much of the charm still remains.


Contact Information

Police: Emergency - Call 911
Non-Emergency (Daytime) - Call (952) 474-7555
Fire: Emergency - Call 911
City Offices:
  • Deephaven and Woodland, (952) 474-4755
  • Greenwood, (952) 474-6633
School District: Minnetonka District #276, Call (952) 906-2500
Address: 20225 Cottagewood Rd., Excelsior, MN 55331



Get Busy!

The spring months bring countless opportunities for wholesome family activities. To find out about happenings in the Lake Minnetonka area, visit our complete Calendar of Events!

Lake Minnetonka: An area steeped in history

From the days when Dakota Indians inhabited her shores, leaving behind ancient burial mounds which are still visible today, to the era of the steam locomotive and the paddle wheeler when grand Victorian hotels and amusement parks stood proudly on her banks, there has always been something alluring about this enchanted body of water. Learn more...